Our mission: free for everyone.

A free and simple, exclusive and self-regulated network where members approve new members together and where everyone has the same privileges.

We believe everyone should have the same chance while looking for a possible partner. No more premium or gold memberships. No more cheap games. Everyone has to be at the same level, free to meet, engage and love whoever they find interesting.

Our Features

You can join for free. You can choose secret tags that defines your personality. You can join new tags only if approved by other members. Tags are secret unless you share the same with someone. You can message someone only if you have tags in common. You can change your home location anytime. Profiles are private and your is unsharable. Likes are visible and unlimited. Messages are encrypted and free for everyone. Profiles will disappear automatically if abandoned. Push notifications are out. We won't track you with cookies. You won't receive promo emails from us. We won't sell your info to third party.

The Team

Closer is built by an indipendent small team of friends who share the same passion for ideas and coding.